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Michael Farrington, Co-Founder and Director Maritime Affairs
Dorit Zeevi-Farrington, Co-Founder and Director Business Affairs

Michael Farrington has been a professional captain in NY Harbor for 15 years. He has captained dinner boats in New York every summer since 1991, in addition to his primary job as a forensic scientist. He has been the captain of numerous vessels, some of which were USCG certified for as many as 600 passengers and were over 200 feet long. Notable vessels he captained include the Honey Fitz, President John F. Kennedy's presidential yacht, after it was sold by the US government to private enterprises; the Andrew Fletcher (a true side wheeler) and DeWitt Clinton, both 140’ long, owned and operated by the South Street Seaport Lines.

Michael holds a Masters in Marine Sciences from NY State University at Stony Brook specializing in Ocean Pollution. After graduating, he worked as a marine scientist and later on as a forensic scientist for NYC's Chief Medical Examiner immediately after 9/11. While there he was part of the Trade Center Disaster DNA analysis team. In 2003 Michael, along with his wife, decided to build NOA DANIELLE. Michael is the Captain and Director of Maritime Affairs for Manhattan Steamboat Company.

Dorit Zeevi-Farrington grew up in Israel and served her mandatory service with the IDF. While there she became among the first women Logistics Officers. She came to New York to get her education.

After graduating from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 1993 with an M.B.A. in Finance & International Business, she was recruited by Instinet Corporation, a successful equities trading firm. While there, she formed a new offering with her team of Trading Research Analysts. The team evaluated the cost of trading large equity portfolios, as well as recommended optimal execution strategies to large US and International Institutional clients. Her team also built computerized analytical tools to trade stocks efficiently (minimizing the loss in trade value). She traveled the world presenting her expertise at numerous industry conferences and conventions. As First Vice President and Director of Trading Research, she was quoted in various publications such as Barron’s, Chicago Tribune, CFO Magazine, The, Trader magazine and Wired News.